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Purpose of Article 1

The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the conditions and procedures for the use of SMS (hereinafter referred to as the "service") provided by http://eng.soosanind.co.kr/ (hereinafter referred to as the "service"), and the rights, duties and other necessary matters between the company and its members.

Article 2 Terms and Conditions

1. This Agreement takes effect by posting the contents on the company's website and notifying the members of the service.

2. The company can set these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws and can change the terms and conditions if necessary.

3. If the company changes the terms and conditions, it shall be notified on the company website from 7 days before the application date to the date before the application date. It will be effective in the same way as in paragraph 1. 

4. If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, he or she can stop using the service and withdraw from the service at any time. The continuous service use after the effective date of the Agreement shall be deemed to have agreed to the change in the Agreement.

Application of Article 3 Terms and Conditions

1. Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations, or if they are not specified in the relevant laws.

Definition of the terms of Article 4

1. The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows: 

   1 Member: An individual who agrees to these terms and conditions and obtains the user ID and user password required to use the service and uses the service on the site operated by the company.

   2 User ID: This refers to a combination of letters and numbers designated by the member for identification and service use by the member.

   3 User Password: This refers to a combination of letters or numbers designated for the secret protection of the member by confirming that the member is a member matching the user ID granted.


[Closing Chapter 2 Contracts]


Article 5 registration application

1. As a rule, a user shall faithfully fill in the member information according to the sign - up form specified by the company and apply for membership by expressing consent to the terms and conditions, and the company shall accept the membership after the real - name verification procedure specified by the company.

the establishment of Article 6

1. The service contract is based on the user's application for membership and the company's consent.

2. The company can defer service use approval for the following applications, which fall under one of the following subparagraphs:

   1 The company cannot afford the facilities

   2 When a company is technically unable to implement a service 

   3 In case the use approval or approval is difficult due to other reasons attributable to the company;

3. The company may not accept the application for service use, which falls under one of the following subparagraphs, and may cancel the contract without prior notice after approval.

   1 Non-real name

   2 In case of application using another person's name

   3 In case of an application for use, the details of the application are recorded falsely

   4 In case it is expected that the use of the service will hinder the normal provision of the service or disrupt the use of the service by other users;

   5 In case a person is registered as a credit delinquent under the Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information  

   6 In case the information and communication ethics committee is registered as a non-existent user of Internet service;  

   7 In case the requirements for application for use are insufficient or it is not possible to confirm one's own use  

   8 In case it is difficult to gain or loss of service due to other reasons attributable to customers

Article 7 User ID use and change, etc.

1. The user ID specified at the time of membership cannot be changed in principle and should not be allowed to be used by a third party.


[Part 3 of the parties' obligations relating to the service]


the duties of Article 8

1. The company shall not enforce any acts prohibited by the statutes and these terms and conditions and shall do its best to provide the service consistently and reliably as provided under these terms and conditions.

2. The company takes necessary steps to protect and manage the members' personal information so that the members can use the service safely.

3. The company shall take immediate action if the opinions or complaints raised by the users are recognized as legitimate. However, if it is difficult to handle immediately, the reason shall be notified to the customers by e-mail or phone. 

4. In principle, the company shall not leak or distribute the members' personal information to third parties without their consent. Exceptions apply to the following:

   1 In case of a request from a government agency according to the provisions of the Framework Act on Telecommunications

   2 In case of an investigation purpose for a crime or at the request of the Information and Communication Ethics Committee;

   3 In case of a request according to the procedure specified by other relevant statutes;

the duties of Article 9

1. The members shall comply with all the provisions of this Agreement, the service use information and cautions.

2. The members provide and maintain complete information that is true, accurate, and consistent with the current facts on the registration form. 

3. The member has an obligation to manage his or her ID and password, and is responsible to the member for all results caused by the member's negligence of management.

4. The member shall not let a third party use his or her ID or password. If the member recognizes that the ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, the member shall notify the company immediately and follow the instructions of the company.

5. The members shall not violate public order or customs in using the services or perform any of the following actions:  

   1 An act to use another user's ID illegally  

   2 Hacking or spreading of computer viruses  

   3 An act to continuously transmit similar contents, such as advertising quality information, against other people's will  

   4 An act to violate another's intellectual property rights  

   5 An act to aim or to teach a criminal act  

   6 Activities aimed at carrying out anti-national crime  

   7 Harmful of good manners or other social order  

   8 Any action that may impede or threaten the safe operation of the service


[Chapter 4 Utilization, limitations, and caveats of services]


Utilization of Article 10 Service

1. You can use the service right after the company confirms the membership.

2. Service hours shall be open 24 hours a day, year-round, except in the event that there is no significant disruption to the company's business or technology. 

However, the date or time set by the company, such as regular inspection of the system, is not the same, and the company notifies the company in advance or after such a case.

Article 11 Restriction and suspension of service provision

1. The company may limit or suspend some or all of its service offerings in the following cases:

   1 In case of an unavoidable condition due to repair, regular inspection, or construction of a service facility

   2 In case the primary communication service provider as provided under the Telecommunications Business Act has stopped

   3 In case of war, private affairs, natural disasters, or the equivalent of a national emergency;

   4 In case the service use is disrupted due to a failure of the service facility or a sudden increase in service use;

   5 In case of an act that damages or damages another's reputation;

   6 In case the service fee is not paid within the specified date

   7 In case of intentionally disseminating contents that are detrimental to public order and wind

   8 An advertising message is continuously sent against or without consent from the recipient.

Precautions for Use of Article 12 Service

1. If the transmission of text messages is concentrated, the transmission may be delayed or fail. The member shall check the transmission result after sending the message, and the member shall be responsible for any disadvantages caused by the failure to check the transmission result.

2. The criteria for successful transmission of text messages are normally transmitted to the mobile service provider's SMS system. 

3. The company will not be responsible for any loss of messages deleted by the system if the recipient is outside the service area or when the service is unavailable or if the message is not received or if the message has been retransmitted (12 hours).

Copyright of Article 13 Posts

1. Intellectual property rights of data posted or registered by the user on the service page belong to the user. However, the company has the right to publish the service homepage and can utilize the user's postings within the company's service only.  

2. The user is not allowed to use commercially posted data, such as processing and selling information obtained by using the service, and is responsible for any problems arising from the violation.  

3. The company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the censorship, search and management of the contents of the user's posts.

Return of Article 14 Charges, etc.

1. The company returns the overpayment or mispayment if there is an overpayment or mispayment, such as a fee, and if the reasons are attributable to the company, it returns the appropriate interest as a legal factor. 

2. For the prepaid system only, the user can request the return of the prepaid service before using the service. In such cases, the company will return the request fee to the bank account paid by the user from the time the user requested the return. 

However, you can only return the fare if the requested amount is at least 10,000 won. You can deduct a certain fee when returning the fare. 

3. If you pay by phone and credit card, you can refund after paying the fee. If you do not pay, you cannot refund it.

4. After reviewing the reason for the refund, the company can refund the number of shipments due to the member's account by recharging the member's account in accordance with the reasons for the refund application, or refund the cash payment to the customer's account at the amount determined under the terms and conditions. 

5. In the balance of the number of shipments left after purchase and purchased by the customer, we will refund the balance of the penalty fee (20% of the total usage fee) stipulated in the [Internet Service-related Consumer Reimbursement] announced by the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE), the PG fee, and the transfer fee.

[Chapter 5 Damages and Disclosures]


Article 15 compensation for damages

1. If a member cannot use the service for reasons attributable to the company, the company shall compensate the member for damages.

2. The methods and procedures for compensation shall be in accordance with the relevant laws.

3. The member shall be responsible for compensating damages to the company or a third party if the member violates the terms and conditions or the related statutes.

Article 16 exemption

1. The company shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by natural disasters or equivalent force or by the customer's will or negligence.

2. The company is not responsible for the contents of the data posted or transmitted by the users. 

3. The company shall be exempted from responsibility if it fails to provide the service to the users due to the reasons attributable to the company.

Article 17 (Discussion Adjustment)

1. The company and the users can request the Committee for Reconciliation of Personal Information Disputes within the Korea Information Protection Center for prompt and effective resolution of disputes in the event of personal information.  

2. If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute over the use of the service, the court in the headquarters of the company shall be held as a competent court.